About Fall of the Sparrow

The brainchild of the Matt Houk and Nico Zepeda, Sparrow was born after a late night drinking session. The co-conspirators spent the majority of the night making fun of the clothes people were wearing at the pub. Laughter turned to brainstorming and brainstorming turned into an idea. With the desire to showcase their creativity and art it was time to make it happen. Sparrow had ideals, morals, and a sense of desire. All of which can be seen in the clothes from Sparrow.

Who is Sparrow?
Nico Zepeda

  • Musician
  • Drunkard
  • Advocate for less dudebras in the world
  • Notorious for Rap Battling

Matt Houk

  • Comic Book writer and Artist
  • Former Owner of Endover Clothing and Heroplex Comics
  • Drunkard
  • Will debate Star Wars to the death

A.D. Booker

  • He is too busy to be bothered for a petty bio!